2008 – 2009 Meeting

By October 1, 2008 May 1st, 2015 Technical Meetings
15 Sep. 2008 Successful Migration from W.L. into LWD Measurments

( Ramadan Iftar )

Chris Freitag
20 Oct. 2008 LWD Invasion-Invariant Logging Kais Gzara
17 Nov. 2008 Formation Testing in the Dynamic
Drilling Environment
A. Sami Eyuboglu
(Sperry Sun)
15 Dec. 2008 Three-Dimensional approuch to
Cement Evaluation and Zonal
Isolation Determination
Zaid Al-Kindi
Feb. 2009 Field Trip
2-5 Mar. 2009 Topical
SPWLA Conference
11 May 2009 Production logging in Horizontal wells
overview of challenges
Traditional methods and new technology update
Abdulla Mana.
June 2009 Election Meeting

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