2009 – 2010 Meeting

By May 1, 2009 May 1st, 2015 Technical Meetings
19th Oct. 2009 “In search of, The Biggest Bang for the Buck”
Dr Gene Ballay
2nd Nov 2009 Extraordinary Meeting: “Core Walkthrough” – Thamama, Bab, Shuaiba
ADCO – Sports Hall
No Photographs, Video or notes permitted
Dr Volker Vahrenkamp (ADCO)
5th Nov 2009 Joint SPE/SPWLA Meeting:

“Unlocking Hidden Reservoir Potential through Integrated Productivity Assessment”

Colin McPhee (Senergy)
17th Nov 2009 “New Techniques in Formation Pressure Testing enable Real-Time Reservoir Evaluation in Ever More Challenging Environments” Ulrich Hahne (Baker Hughes)
9th Dec 2009 “Advances in GeoMechanics” Dr. Mark Zoback (Stanford U)
21st Dec 2009 “Modeling of Mixed-Wet Reservoir Rock” Moustafa Dernaika (Weatherford Labs)
11th Jan 2010 “Petrophysics Uncertainty input to the Static Model: Do we use it and how? “ Raghu Ramamoorthy (Schlumberger)
15th March 2010 “Importance of Petrophysical Logging Data to Geomechanical Analysis” Hamed Soroush (Weatherford)
12th April 2010 Surveying Uncertainty and Well Placement Tim Allen (Halliburton)
10th May 2010 “Single well insitu measurement of residual oil saturation after an EOR chemical flood” Raghu Ramamoorthy (Schlumberger)
6th June 2010 “Technology Implementation in ADCO”

plus Annual Election

Tony Attardo (ADCO)

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