2010 Iftar Meeting

By September 6, 2010 May 1st, 2015 Technical Meetings

Under The Patronage of Mr. Abdul Munim Saif Al Kindy (ADCO-CEO), Mr. Ahmed Al-Hammadi (Senior Vice President South East – ADCO), the Abu Dhabi SPWLA Local Chapter 2010-2011 season took place on Monday 6th September 2010. This was a great start to the season with a thought provoking presentation by Dr Arthur Aslanyan on temperature and noise logging to best characterize inter-well fluid communication. There was an excellent turnout of approximately 60 people, who not only enjoyed the technical presentation, but also enjoyed a lovely Iftar meal.

We would like to thank SPWLA and Baker Atlas for sponsoring the occasion.

By: Dr. Arthur Aslanyan, Consultant, TGT oilfield services, UAE

The new set up of spectral noise logging (SNL) and high precision temperature logging (HPT) provides unique ability to scan the flow geometry far behind the casing. Unlike conventional logging technologies like production logging (PLT) and pulsed neutron logging (PNL) the temperature and noise logging scan for several meters behind the casing. Usually the difference between the borehole and near reservoir flow vertical profiles is big enough to cause concerns of production and 3D simulation engineers. The difference can be monitored through the integrated logging package which includes both PLT/PNL and SNL/HPT.

The temperature logging is obviously a well-known technology but it’s been recently strengthened with numerical temperature simulators which allow identifying and quantifying temperature perturbations including those happened behind the casing.

A big leap in noise technology has been attained in the last years through the new generation of hydrophone which is a piezo-crystal element suspended in the oil-filled chamber. The low-noise gain stage amplifies the hydrophone output by 7 000 times and sends the sample to the 12 bit – 120 kHz A/D converter which avails capturing the smallest reservoir noise through the much higher volume of borehole flow noise. The SNL tool can differentiate between borehole and reservoir noise by frequency range. Furthermore SNL tool can differentiate between flow through high aperture features (like faults, fractures, caverns and wash-outs) form the flow through regular matrix reservoir.

The numerous applications of integrated HPT/SNL package in producers, injectors and observers may turn it into a flagship survey of modern well and reservoir monitoring.

Graduated from Kazan State University in 1993 and did his PhD in Mathematical Physics in 1996. He was lecturing at Kazan State University until 2004. Joined TGT Oil & Gas Services in 2000 and was mostly involved in reservoir studies and simulations. Since 2004, he has been working as a company consultant. His research interests are in mathematical modeling of physical processes including those related to reservoir depletion.

We are very thankful to TGT and Arthur, who have been kind enough to share the presentation material with our members.

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