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Working with Uncertainty 3rd-6th March 2013

In this SPWLA 10th Annual Topical conference we will examine the sources of uncertainty in the development of the static model and the initialisation of dynamic models. Along the way we will ask questions about how to quantify and subsequently reduce uncertainties progressively during the Major Project Maturation Process and examine how these uncertainties impact on Net Present Value and reservoir management.

The Technical Committee is seeking abstracts on:

  • Measurement traceability and the science of metrology: What are the “ground truths”?
  • Calibration, precision and repeatability in laboratory and log measurements of rock and fluid properties
  • How reliable are Direct Indicators of Hydrocarbon
  • What are the Uncertainties in locating hydrocarbon contacts?
  • Uncertainty in porosity, permeability, relative permeability and water saturation
  • Uncertainty rising from framework and property upscaling
  • Propagation of uncertainty between wells
  • Optimal well placement for achieving production / injection targets
  • Dynamic model parameter assignment and initializations
  • Making sense of surveillance data

In addition to the above, there will be Panel Session to discuss the issues related to Gas Reservoir Development. The final Session Topics selected will vary with the submissions received.

Who will be there ?

Petrophysicists, Reservoir Engineers and other Geoscientists working on core analysis, log analysis, production logging, reservoir characterization, reservoir modeling, integration of disciplines

Discussion Groups

Small breakout groups will further discuss the topics presented in the morning and then report back in a plenary session

Speaker Solicitation

SPWLA Topical Conferences are informal, off-the-record discussions focused on a specific area. No papers or abstracts are published. We seek presentations from people who wish to speak. We welcome diversity of expertise to foster a genuine learning event.

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