Recently Developed Options for Wireline Depth Data Quality Improvement

By October 1, 2014 June 25th, 2015 Technical Meetings

About The Author

Harald Bolt read combined honours Physics and Urban Studies at University of Aston In Birmingham, UK, graduating BSc. In 1979. He was posted to Houston, USA, as Global Training Manager for Atlas Wireline,

and went on to overhaul and redevelop the training and career development system for engineering and service personnel.

Since retiring from Atlas he has developed a consultancy ICT supporting contractors and oil companies world-wide in depth related issues.


The key role that depth measurement plays in the wireline business can be found in simply the definition of wireline logging, where measurements and services are provided as a function of “depth”.

Yet, there remain marked differences in how the measurement “depth” is arrived at.

What is actually meant by “depth” ?

It is not uncommon for there to be a TVD depth mismatch between MWD and logging depth and even logging depths when two logging contractors are involved.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to resolve the source of the TVD  mismatch and yet depth is critical to our business.

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