Acoustic reflection imaging for delineation of near wellbore structures

By October 20, 2014 June 25th, 2015 Technical Meetings

Dr Tao has been a dedicated teacher and researcher in the field of petrophysics and formation evaluation as well as borehole geophysics for 30 years. He is currently a professor in the Dept. of petroleum Geosciences and Dept. of Petroleum Engineering, the Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Before he join in PI, he had been a professor of petrophysics and well logging at China University of Petroleum (CUPB) since January of 1997. He had been a visiting professor at the Dept. of geology and geophysics, university of Calgary during 2002 and a senior academic visitor at dept. of geophysics in Stanford University during May to October of 2004.   Before the professor position  at CUPB) he had worked as a postdoctoral associate at MIT for two and a half years. He received his PhD in applied geophysics and petrophysics from Imperial College London in 1992.

As an associate director of CNPC Key Laboratory and a leader of projects, DR Tao has worked on many research projects of seismic, well logging and core measurements, data processing, modelling and interpretation for development of digital rock physics and acoustic reflection logging for imaging geological structures near the well bore.

Dr Tao has published over 100 papers in scientific and technology journals.

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