Development of Initial Water Saturation Model using Mathematic Correlations between Reservoir Petrophysical Data and Fluid Properties

By February 16, 2015 June 25th, 2015 Technical Meetings

About The Presenter

Youssef Dabbour has a Bachelor’s degree of Petroleum Engineering from Cairo University Faculty of Engineering, 1971. In 1972 he had joined SONATRACHAlgeria as field petroleum engineer till 1975, and then in 1979 he joined ADCO as reservoir engineer, he has long experience in reservoir engineering field engineering. He has conducted and supervised many simulation and full field development studies for many fields.

Moreover, he has significant contribution in people development schemes. Currently, he is the ADCO’ s Reservoir Simulation Instructor.


This presentation discusses the methodology where measured dynamic rock and fluid properties such as: capillary pressure, inter-facial tension (IFT) , wettability….etc. are correlated against static rock properties such as porosity, absolute permeability, and flow zone indictor to define initial water saturation model for carbonate reservoir zones in the UAE.

The reservoir rock type can be defined as “a unit of rock experienced similar depositional process resulting in a unique porosity–permeability relationship, pore throat and capillary pressure profiles for a given height above the free water level (FWL)”. This technique has been successfully integrated with extensive special core analysis (SCAL) data.

The analysis of the SCAL data indicated a strong dependency on porosity values which is function in the pore size distribution; therefore, mathematical correlations were developed to describe the initial water saturation as a function of porosity. The application of these correlations was tested in dynamic flow simulation models in form of pseudo rock type and fluid properties tables. Consequently, the model initialization resulted in excellent results in the context of he water saturation profiles as well as the calculation of oil in place. Finally, the methodology has been successfully applied in many fields.

SPWLA February 2015

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