Surveillance Techniques for EOR Pilots in the U.A.E.

By June 14, 2015 June 25th, 2015 Technical Meetings

Jonathan Hall

Consulting Petrophysicist in Clastic and Carbonate Rocks
In-Country Geoscience Experience: UKCS, Europe (Italy, Norway, Germany,France), North Africa (Algeria, Libya, Egypt), West Africa (Gabon), Near and Middle East (Qatar, Syria), South East Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia), Central America (Mexico), South America (Brazil), Former Soviet Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azherbaijan).

Specialties: Most business contexts including: unitisation as Expert, drafting UOA’s and backroom support, well operations and operations planning, core data audit and analysis, development and integrated field studies asset valuations, rock physics and seismic attributes calibration.

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