Saif Al Arfi

Saif Al Arfi was the founding Vice-President of the Abu Dhabi Chapter of the SPWLA in 2003; the first in the Gulf Region,  and in that capacity delivered the first Annual Topical Conference of the Chapter in 2004. Apart from a period of secondment to BP in Houston between 2007 and 2008, Saif has been on the organising committee and an officer of the Chapter in every subsequent year and in this his second term as president he will deliver the 55th International Annual Logging Symposium in Abu Dhabi in May 2014; the first time the event will be held in the Gulf Region and the Middle East.

The Annual Themed Topical Conferences have been enormously successful and are the major recruiting event to the Chapter of the year.  A large proportion of the local Chapter members also have mebership of the international body.  The Abu Dhabi Chapter of the SPWLA actively supports students from the major local Petroleum Institute and Universities with Geosciences and Engineering Faculties. These regularly send coach loads of students to the topical conference which already attracts 100-150 fee paying registrants and Key Note presenters from around the globe. A feature of the local Operating Companies is that they undergo a three to four year development programme called CAMS. With each year more and more CAMS are presenting at the Annual Topical conferences alongside more experienced professionals. More recently, internationally recognized Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering Faculties have opened satellites in the Emirates as the industry attracts more and more local graduates and the need for a strong professional support structure in the region grows. In recent years Saif introduced the idea of adding short courses to the technical programme of the Annual Topical Conferences. The two delivered thus far have been on NMR data acquisition and evalaution and structural geology and fracture mechanics. Again professionals and students, young and not so young alike are benefitting from this continuing education committment of the Abu Dhabi Chapter. Sadly, it is not customary for many professionals to be able to travel extensively for conferences so the Abu Dhabi Annual event is part of the career progression and a magnet for young professionals from other countriies in the Region. Saif is personally committed to the development of local students and graduate entrants and the SPWLA in Abu Dhabi plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining young professionals to Petrophysics as a career choice. The SPWLA Abu Dhabi Chapter will be supporting other initiatives aimed at Inspiring a Generation Petrophysicsts; one of which you may have already heard about at this years meeting.

Saif graduated, himself, from El Ain University with a BSc. Geology and Chemistry in 1996 and that year joined the Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Operations (ADCO). Saif has worked on a number of the smaller supergiant ADCO fields; Asab, Sahil and Shah as well as the logging team and now in the Gas Team as the demand for gas in the Gulf Region increases.